About Me

Monica Zunino Mel, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, majored in speech therapy and neurolinguistics, and always had art as a hobby. When she moved to the United States 10 years ago she enrolled in art classes. 


“My paintings are inspired by my personal experiences. I don't usually sketch. They are based on a first impulse; a first intention that I express with colors, lines, and other elements that I use. I like to call this process “free play.” For my art to flow, I need to feel silence on the outside in order to connect with my interior. And it is in that precise moment, when everything dances uncontrollably, when I feel free to express my art. Many times I want to control everything and that is when I get stuck.


My paintings are created through a layering process, with various colors that flow creating shapes such as silhouettes, circles, branches, leaves and other natural elements. Although I always start with a main idea, it changes as the painting evolves and develops. Each work of art is a new journey. My art is a tribute to life itself.


When the viewer has the great opportunity to discover his/her inner universe through one of my paintings, my goal is grandly accomplished!”

Each work of art is a new journey.